New School Development

Our brand new school development will be built on the former Dwr-Y-Felin Lower Comprehensive School and will replace the current Abbey Primary School which is now split across three sites.

This new development represents an extremely exciting opportunity for the pupils of Abbey Primary. The new school will boast an inspirational learning environment which will improve the learning and teaching for all. The design will provide learning environments that facilitate a variety of learning and teaching models which are responsive to the needs of all pupils.

The new school will provide an environment that will encourage the transformation of the educational outcomes of students by providing an exciting applied learning curriculum based on progression and excellence.

Learning spaces throughout the school will help develop pupil’s personal, learning and thinking skills by providing opportunities for independent enquiry, creative thinking, reflective learning, team working and self-management. Break out areas and larger open spaces will facilitate a flexible learning approach involving hands-on learning, demonstrations and presentations.

In keeping with Eco initiatives the school has a targeted minimum 25% reduction in energy consumption. The building will boast photovoltaic panels, “breathing buildings” passive ventilation to classrooms, 40% increased insulation and natural light complimented by dimmable lights controlled by sensors.

The images below are architectural drawings of the steel frame recently assembled on site. The structural steel was recently bolted in to the foundations. The image to the right shows how the steel columns are bolted in concrete pad foundations. These concrete ‘pads’ support the structural columns.

Years 4-5 and Cool Club were fortunate enough to spend time at the new school site recently. It was the perfect opportunity to spend time with site project manager Rhys and his crew. We had a variety of questions to ask based on the new school and we learned a great deal. We learned that the steel frame structure was pieced together like a jigsaw, this explained the corresponding numbers on the beams. Industrial soakaway crates were present, and we learned that these are used to help with reducing surface water and helping with land drainage. Also, we spent time talking about the retaining wall and how it is used to support soil ‘laterally’ so it can be retained at different levels.

On the same day we were lucky enough to write our names on the structural steel frame of the new school. This was especially fun because our names will go down in history. On our next visit will be going on a fact-finding mission organised by Jess from BAM construction!

Recently we had the opportunity to speak to and interview members of the construction team. Fortunately for us Jess organised an interview panel via Teams and we had the chance to ask a variety of questions relating to job roles and the new school construction. We learnt a great deal from Rhys (Site Manager), Richard (Quantity Surveyor), Matthew (Site Engineer) and Jess (Education Coordinator).

Follow us on our latest journey to see the development of Abbey Primary’s new school. Here is episode 1 showing you the school site from new heights.